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Name:Sorting Hat RP's Dressing Room
Posting Access:All Members
A Multifandom Harry Potter RP   
Not sure if you'll fit at Sorting hat? Welcome to Dressrobes, the dressingroom for [community profile] sortinghat_rp. Prospective players can give the setting a shot, and current players can use this community to try out plots.

Make sure to follow the rules listed below:


1. ANY CHARACTER MAY POST HERE. 1A. Current Characters in [community profile] sortinghat_rp are restricted to TWO IC posts a month. These posts and threads cannot count towards your activity checks. Try to use this community for a place to see how well a plot may work or won't work. Characters may have one OOC post for planning a month. 1B. Characters not taken in the game are restricted to six posts to see if the muse will work in [community profile] sortinghat_rp. Use these posts to test the voice and if they will work in the setting. You may also establish headcanon as well.
2. Current characters and characters not taken are free to comment in any of the IC posts.
3. If you abuse any of these rules, all of your character journals will be removed.
4. Keep it SH related.
5. Posting format:
IC Post; These are posts where you're posting IC and people are replying IC. No muns replying or 4th walling.

OOC Post; These are posts where you have a plot idea/character question and need to hear opinions or to see if anyone wants to get involved. Nothing IC takes place in these posts. Just planning.

6. USE THE TAGS. Make sure to add tags for your characters as they post.

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Mod Email; thehatmods [at] gmail [dot] com

Mod Contact

[F I O N A]
DW: [personal profile] blood_winged.
E-MAIL: littlebritteacup [at] aol [dot]
AIM: littlebritteacup.

[J A M E S]
DW: [personal profile] vastexpletive.
E-MAIL: floridiancheese [at] gmail [dot] com.
AIM: itsasekrit1933.

[M E G A N]
DW: [personal profile] penguinpants.
E-MAIL: penguinrping [at] gmail [dot] com.
AIM: implieddibs.

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